1 Month (4 Weeks) - Online Coaching

1 Month (4 Weeks) - Online Coaching

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    This is 1 month (4 Weeks) of online fitness coaching. There will be a meeting set up if you have done a free consultation. Keep in mind this is a lifestyle change as well as a way to better your health so you can live a longer and happier life!

    This meeting and coaching includes the following:

    • Personalized Training Program Catered to Your Goals
    • Weekly Check-ins and Adjustments for Adherence
    • Nutritional Reccommendations
    • Discussion of Your Goals
    • Communication
    • Fitness Level and Any Accomendations Needed
    • Favorite Exercise Activities and Daily Routine

    If request of refund is before the workout program is sent to you, then you will be sent back a full refund. If you request a refund after the program is sent it is yours to keep but you will only be refunded half. This is due to the program not being able to be return because once sent, the client can send it to anyone or save it. Please send an email to jaycub.cpt@gmail.com and include your name and what you purchased if you are requesting a refund.