Do the training plans that I purchased expire?

No! The training programs we sell, once purchased, is yours to keep forever. We want for our clients to be able to have access to this information for as long as they want. This also gives the flexibility to choose when you want to start the program as well.

How are you different from a regular trainer at a gym?

I differ by not charging by the hour. At most gyms it is 30-70 dollars per session and as you can see with just 50 dollars, that would allow you to have a month of fitness coaching. I am also available from 4:30am - 9:00pm so you can contact me or set up a meeting anytime between then if you need anything. I am here to make sure you succeed and incorperate fitness as a part of you life!

Can you make me a meal plan?

While I am knowledgable in this area, I am not certified yet to do this legally. Please talk to a dietician regarding this or another fitness coach for now. I can only give reccommendation based on my courses taken and from my experience.

How can I get in contact with Coach Cub?

Just click 'Contact' and send a message and Coach Cub will respond as soon as he can. You can also go to the bottom of the home page and find the contact information as well. They will be messaging you through the email you sent it from too.