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About Me

Coach Cub (Jaycub Sandoval)

My name is Jaycub Sandoval and I am from Corpus Christi, TX but currently resides in San Antonio, TX. I aspire to be a natural bodybuilder while being a fitness coach. When it comes to education,  I am a certified personal trainer with NASM and currently almost finished with his bachleors degree in Exercise Physiology.  I am also working towards getting a nutrition coach certification with NASM so he can further help his clients, and becoming a strength and conditioning coach. 

My current goals in this industry is to help more people discover how great fitness is and how much it can help them, and better incorperate fitness and a healthy lifestyle into peoples' lives. I want to make sure that I can reach out to as many people as possible and incorperate fitness into their life.  I want to do this by presenting the truth about fitness and letting my clients know that I am here to support them 100% of the way. To me being fit and healthy takes time and is not a sprint but a marathon.


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